Once you are done editing your video you can publish it in four different ways.

No matter how you want to publish it, first you'll need to click "Publish" button here -

This will open a new menu on the right side of the screen with further options -


First and most popular option is to embed your video. In that case you just need to copy the embed code and paste it to your page.

Here you'll also find settings for Adjustable Player Size, Floating Video and Custom start/end times.

Checking Adjustable Player Size will make your video player adjustable to any parent size where he's embedded. This means you will always have a right fit.

Checking Floating Video will make your video be always present and playing even if the viewer is scrolling down the page. Video Player will just move itself into the corner of the page and will "float" down the page along side other content the viewer is viewing.

Checking Custom start/ end time you will be able to choose when your video starts and ends.

Email Preview

Second option is Email Preview. With this you will get a gif image that you can put inside your emails.

Share Link

Your third option is a shareable link. Here you'll be able to create a shareable link that you can post on Social Media sites or anywhere you please. 


Your fourth option is a pop-up window. You can use this method if you want your video to be opened in a popup window.

Just copy the Popup Embed Code bellow and paste it on your page.

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