Custom Thumbnail is a feature which you can use to control thumbnail for published or embedded videos. This poster is an image which will be displayed over your video before the viewer decides to press the Play button.

To access this feature, go to the APPEARANCE & STYLE.
You can choose from 4 different ways of adding your desired image.

  1. You can paste a link of .png/.jpg/.gif file in the field
  2. You can click on first icon if you wish to Select From Thumbnails
  3. You can use the 3rd icon to upload your own image and use it as a poster.
  4. Or you can click on the last icon to choose some previously uploaded image 

At last, do not forget to PUBLISH the video.

Any desired image's URL can be grabbed with the right click:

You can instantly check the result by visiting your Watch Page.

We recommend using the image size of 1280x780, however, it is best to upload an image which coincides with the resolution of your video.

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