The Amazon Simple Storage Service is a web service offered by Amazon Web Services (AWS). We are supporting Amazon S3 as a hosting provider for your videos, so if it is more cost-effective for you, you can use your own storage space on Amazon.

Important Notes

  • IAM user needs to have admin full permission in order to integrate correctly with vooPlayer
  • Bucket name can not be changed as it's set by vooPlayer. It will result in a bucket called vooplayerv4-{#USERID}
  • Do not edit your region in vooPlayer integration settings. You may not have different region integrations settings on one vooPlayer account
  • Block public access should not be enabled

There are 2 ways to use the Amazon storage with vooPlayer:

  • Linking a video from S3
  • Uploading a video to S3 storage from vooPlayer interface

Uploading to AWS  S3

To upload a new video to your Amazon cloud storage from vooPlayer interface, you need to Integrate S3 with vooPlayer first. When you go to upload a new video, choose the option USE MY OWN STORAGE and just follow the steps.

Fill in all required fields and click CREATE INTEGRATION.

Next time, when you are uploading a new video, you will be able to use your S3 storage as a source.

Linking from AWS S3

When you are linking a new video via S3, just paste your link and wait for validation. 

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