The animated GIFs are a great way to inject a little interest in the email. Marketers use it to improve their campaigns. With these animated pictures, you can give a preview of the most interesting part of your video to all your customers and draw their attention.

Email preview images are available only for videos uploaded to vooPlayer and these are automatically created.

To view the current .GIF image for any specific video, click on the desired one and then choose the EMAIL PREVIEW tab.

To generate a new email preview image, chose when it will start and how long it will last and click on the GENERATE EMAIL PREVIEW button.

You can download this image by pasting its URL into your browser, then save option will be available on the right click.

Now, grab the Share Link of that specific video:

Furthermore, you can add this .GIF to your email and add the Share Link of your video or a link to your page with the embedded video and that's it.

You can even use some other advanced software to convert part of your video or entire video to GIF.

When the viewer clicks on the GIF, he/she will be redirected to our Watch Page to view the video or to your page with the embedded video.

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