The key option to save a lot of time is the possibility to Apply settings from another video, so you can use a template for every new video during upload.

By combining these three options - Pre & Post roll videos, Apply settings from another video and Mass Import, you can save a lot of time.

For better organization, you can add your videos to groups (folders).

In this example with sponsor videos, we will show you how to achieve this:

  1. Upload a small video that you will use as a template and add it to the folder (for example - Templates). It is irrelevant which video you will upload, since we will only apply it's settings to some other videos.
  2. Add Pre & Post roll videos (for sponsors). A lot of additional options are available.
  3. Make any other preferred settings for player controls and style. 
  4. Use the MASS IMPORT option to upload a lot of videos simultaneously.
    During upload do not forget to organize your videos into groups.

Check the option "Apply settings from another video" if you wish to use the template.

With the practical option Clone your video, you can make a copy of the template and then configure it according to your needs to make a new similar template.

Apply Settings from a video to a Group

There is an option which allows you to apply settings from one video to entire Group of videos. This is available from within your Application Settings.

Keep in mind that videos which you subsequently add to this group will not have the settings automatically applied.

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