Video editing software allows you to manipulate and arrange your videos, add some special effects, titles, audio tracks, etc. You can achieve a lot with vooPlayer, however, it is not a video editing software. To be precise, you cannot merge, cut or add some effects to your videos with vooPlayer.

For example, if there are some black bars in the original recording, the only way to remove them is to edit the original in some video editor than re-upload it to vooPlayer and embed again.

The vooPlayer is web-based, interactive video hosting and marketing service, very convenient for tutorials due to the advanced security and useful for marketers and entrepreneurs who wish to grow their business.

Here are just a few examples of how you can use vooPlayer:

  • Attract waves of viral traffic with "Share-To-Watch" gates
  • Send your viewers to other relevant videos based on their answers
  • Build drip campaigns and engage with your audience on autopilot
  • Bribe viewers to watch your videos until the end
  • Discover who has been watching your videos and for how long
  • Publish videos now or schedule them to play... like whenever!
  • Make your phone ring more often with "Tap to Call Me" icons
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