vooPlayer conversion servers can transcode and encode many videos in parallel, but don't have infinite capacities. We are working on making the system on demand scalable but even that is finite. This is why queue build ups are inevitable.

We are pleased that we are able to offer convenient services such as Mass Upload and Migration of videos from external services such as Wistia or Vimeo. However as you can imagine, migrating hundreds of videos from another platform, which need to be transcoded for vooPlayer, and creating additional resolutions for each video, can become resource intensive. This is why we've designed a system which is queue based, which means, first come, first served.

Even though we are prioritizing some queues, it is inevitable that a build up will occur and someone will have to wait a little bit longer, sometimes quite a bit longer, and as mentioned we are constantly working on making that wait a bit shorter.

Continue Your Work While Your Video Is Processing

Even if your video is processing for a long time, we don't want that to present any sort of an obstacle. This is why you are able to continue working on your video, add features and integrations to it, even publish it anywhere as it's being processed. Once it's place in queue has been reached, everything will be automated, all your work saved so no further action is needed.

Optimal Processing Times

Under optimal conditions, meaning that conversion servers are not overloaded. A 10 minute, 100 MB video in Full HD resolution should take around 5 minutes to fully process, meaning additional resolutions will be created and optimized as well.

The application will inform you when there are significant queue build ups so that you are aware, but if you still feel that your video has been processing unreasonably long, please contact the vooPlayer support team for additional details.

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