With the launch of version 4 vooPlayer moved to a recurring billing model in order to help continue the growth of our features, infrastructure, and support.
With every previous release of vooPlayer we had always promised customers access for the lifetime of the product and we certainly did not make an exception with the new release.

All customers who purchased any previous versions were moved over to an all new PRO license without any added fees to them whatsoever.  This was a license we never intended on selling to the public, but only to use to bring over all of our loyal customers who were with us through the years that could not afford to pay a monthly or yearly subscription.

Due to popular demand to offer some type of one-time payment to use our platform, we have opened up the PRO license to the public for very short promotions. In 2018 we offered the deal on Appsumo. 

We may very rarely run promotions for the PRO license.  Or we may not.

For information on licenses currently offered publicly on our platform, you can refer to this article. Please see this comparison chart to see the differences between the current plans and the PRO plan.

If you have any additional questions please reach out to support.

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