Promotion starts on Sunday August 18th at midnight Pacific and it will last for 90 days or November 16. Promotion offers coupons which can be used by new customers as well as existing customers.

Deal is offered at

New Users

You may redeem your coupons at
Doing this will unlock the assigned license and will guide you through the account creation process.

All of the licenses unlock the vooPlayer PRO license. Details of which and full feature comparison are available here

Three different types of coupons will be sold

  • PRO1 - PRO access for 1 year
  • PRO3 - PRO access for 3 years
  • PRO - PRO Lifetime access

You are able to stack lifetime coupons in order to unlock additional 5GB of storage.

If a PRO license expires (after 1 or 3 years) it can only be downgraded to FREE or upgraded to Paid subscription in lieu of another coupon.

Existing Users

As an existing customers the offered deal can only be used to stack 5GB of storage with the lifetime coupon.

If you would like to upgrade your account from FREE or downgrade to PRO from our paid subscriptions, we will honor that request but you must reach out to us at with the coupon codes.

Subscription Discounts

During the promotion, at our discretion, our yearly paid subscription plans will be offered at 30% discounted rates as well which is also a great opportunity to unlock additional features and resources. 

STARTUP will be offered at $117, ENTERPRISE at $497 per year.

When this deal is offered it will be shown in the application, which is the only place where you can obtain it.

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